Customer: Scottsdale Bible Church


Problem: Scottsdale Bible wanted to add some color to their hallway.


Solution: Group Imaging printed full-color custom wallpaper for their hallway. The wallpaper applies with ordinary wallpaper paste and materials. An easy installation job for any handyman or amateur with wallpaper experience. The material comes on a 10ft roll, which means that you can decorate a 10ft tall wall seamlessly.

Customer: Scottsdale Bible Church


Problem: Scottsdale Bible Church wanted a cool dimensional sign for their cafe exterior entrance.


Solution: Group Imaging produced a beautiful Redwood sign on their CNC cutter. The text and design were raised adding some depth. The sign was painted with black and white paint and hung with chains above the main cafe entrance.

Customer: Cornerstone


Problem: Cornerstone wanted a way to get the word out on their 60 Day Marriage Challenge


Solution: Group Imaging produced hundreds of 4mm coroplast yard signs for promotion of the challenge. Coroplast (corrugated plastic) is a waterproof and weather resistant material that holds up well in outdoor applications. The material is ribbed with vertical flutes  giving it a high strength to weight ratio. An h-stake can be added to easily mount the sign into the ground.

Customer: Anna Brennan


Political signs are usually viewed from a distance, which means the printer resolution can be reduced enabling faster more cost effective printing. These signs are printed on standard 4mm coroplast (corrugated plastic). It is a very affordable material and comes in a 4ft x 8ft sheet.  Why don’t churches use these more for promoting events?

Customer: Sun Valley


Problem: Sun Valley church wanted to help their youngest children in Sunday School to be able to find their classroom.


Solution: In addition to the overdoor signs, Group Imaging printed some oversized round signs at the height of these children. The photos and video show  how easy to install a glue on sign can be.  Double sided tape and 100% Silicone and press it on.

Customer: Sun Valley


Problem: Sun Valley church wanted to let Sunday visitors to their church know that they are important so they set aside the closest parking for visitors.


Solution: Group Imaging made aluminum signs for their posts and pole banners that point the way to these important parking places.

Customer: Scottsdale Bible Church


Problem: Scottsdale Bible Church built a new building for their children’s ministry and this entrance needed a clear way to direct parents to this building.


Solution: The 15” tall ¼” thick aluminum letters were cut out by Group Imaging and then painted blue.  Installation requires ladders and attention to detail, but not beyond the skill of most handyman, once you know the techniques used.

Customer: Sun Valley


Problem: Sun Valley Church wanted a good way to communicate the mission of the church to change lives and they wanted to showcase their most recent baptismal services.


Solution: Group Imaging  made Sun Valley a series of 24”x36” prints on gatorboard using the baptism photos. They used aluminum standoffs to mount them to the church office walls.  It is a powerful statement when you walk into the office. They had all of the people being baptized wearing the same tee shirt that said,”I said YES”.

Customer: Scottsdale Bible Church


Problem: Scottsdale Bible Church just built a new building for their children’s classes.  They needed a way to add major branding to the lobby of the children’s building.


Solution: Group Imaging printed their logo on 2” thick gatorboard with 20” tall letters.  Group Imaging cut the letters on their cnc router after printing.  Scottsdale Bible used their own staff to install the letters.  The key to installing letters like these is to have a paper printed pattern of the entire layout that can be taped in place on the wall where you are installing the letters.  Simple techniques are used to cut away the paper so that you can register the gatorboard letters in perfect registration.  Each letter was taped on the back with  double sided tape and multiple spots of clear silicone.

Customer: Scottsdale Bible Church


Problem: Scottsdale Bible Church is adding a new children’s building and has a large window area that views into a children’s area from a hallway.  The problem is that too much distraction will happen to the children in the classrooms so they wanted to make the viewing through the glass a little more muted.


Solution: Group Imaging provided a solution with two different window film products.  3m Scotchcal Dusted Crystal film that when applied looks like frosted glass and 3m translucent Tangerine Orange window film. The window design was an extension of the wall graphics. The end result was beautiful etched-like windows that added some privacy on both sides.




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