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Group Imaging now introduces an affordable way to theme your children's area. With custom printed wall paper and rigid stand-off characters.


Our custom wallpaper is printed full color and can be installed using standard materials by a professional wall paper installation company or reliable handyman.


Custom contour cut stand off characters can be installed easily to create 3D depth. We use French cleats to secure the characters to the wall, and our paper templates make it easy to line up, drill holes, and install to the desired position on your wall.


                      Your project needs to be defined as to the amount of space (in sq/ft) that you plan to have themed. This can be as simple as designating one wall to covering all of your children’s area with graphics. After this stage is completed we can give you a quote as to your cost of theming. To start your project please email and we will contact you promptly.



This involves taking exact measurements of walls going to be themed including identifying corners, doors, wall height and length.


After the walls are measured and we have a palette to work with the process of determining your theme begins.


The theming could be something very specific to your needs or as simple as a generic theme like a space age, tree house, mining camp, Hollywood movies, etc. This step can take the longest to work through. You can work with your own graphics/illustration team or contract with ours.


This project at Sun Valley Community Church was illustrated by Spencer Brinkerhoff III, with Studios B3,


You will need to determine if you plan to use traditional wallpaper that can stay up a very long time of if you want to go with something designed for one to two years in an adhesive vinyl that you can remove and change your themes as time goes on.


Besides wall coverings, we can create other graphics that are more three dimensional like ½” thick standoff characters attached to the walls as well as custom 3d Foam items like trees and other features.


If you want an estimate of just the wallpaper costs you can calculate that here: Wallpaper


You can plug in the height and width of any standoff characters at: Stand-Off Characters.


We recommend you choose 13mm (1/2”) Sintra as the material for anything larger than 18” x18”. Note you can gang up more characters on one 48x96” sheet to create more economy.



If your existing walls are already smooth and painted, they are likely ready for receiving wall coverings.


An adhesion test is always recommended to make sure the wallpaper/primer/paste combination works with your existing walls. We can send you samples to test your walls with.


If your walls are not smooth and have an existing texture on them they will need to be taken back to a smooth surface. This will usually require a local contractor to do some sanding of the wall and apply a new coat of drywall mud over the wall, commonly called “floating” the wall.


Note: It is not necessary to paint over the floated wall as we would recommend a primer designed to seal and create adhesion to the wallpaper.


The actual installation is just the same as installing any other pasted wallpaper. It requires the same skills for aligning the seams and creating double cuts at those seams. The mounting supplies needed are also standard to a typical wallpaper job.


If you opt for a shorter term adhesive backed vinyl you can overlap the edges and leave them in place.


Paper templates and French cleats make for easy installation of stand-off characters. This method of installation can be done by any handy-man. We can provide videos of the character installation process.


Sun Valley - Walk Through

Stand-off character Installation

Timelapse video of 3D Tree Installation

3D Foam Treehouse Installation




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